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10x25 10 Power Sports Binoculars

Whether you are at the big game, in your favorite sports stand, or out enjoying nature, nothing beats a great pair of binoculars to bring all the action closer to you. You will love these compact binoculars so much you'll want to take them with you everywhere, and with the amazing quality standards you are sure to have them for a long time!

10x25 10 Power Sports Binoculars Features:
  • Ruby Red coated lenses assure a sharp, clear, untainted view 
  • Use it on water or snow!
  • Hinged Barrels!
  • Center-Wheel Focusing!
  • Comfortable Rubber Eye Cups!
  • Attached Neck Strap!
  • Soft Carrying Case!
  • Rubber Coated!
  • Water Resistant!


Technical Details -  Model 10 x 25
  • Magnification : 10x
  • Objective Diameter : 25mm 
  • Angle of view (degrees) : 5 
  • Range : 2.5 kms (approx)
  • Coating : Multicoated I red
  • Weight : < 250gms
  • Case / straps : Included
  • Others : Small pocket size.