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NTQ4 : A brass telescope for the people with "Taste" 800 75 2 lb  
Some Telescopes are made solely to see Heavenly bodies and others are for Earthly ones. Our NTQ4 is meant for none!! This classic brass telescope when taken out from the box, immediately puts you at the center of attraction that you can hardly be free to see thru it! This four-fold telescope made from polished brass has an antique look. Tapered on the front tube, Extends upto 15 inch (6 inch when collapsed). What more, a big 25mm front lens captures the light enough to magnify at 10 times. Comes along with velvet pouch, good for novelty gifts, ceremonial presentation and general use. The NTQ4 is the right scope for the people with "Taste"!       click on the image to enlarge
Brass Compass Keychain - Your guide to the treasurer! 125 25 < 1 lb  
This elegant Brass keychain not only holds the keys but also guides you to the treasure with its real and precise compass. Housed in 35mm brass case, makes an ideal gift. Useful for the hitchhikers who enjoy finding the direction on their own. Comes with Exquisite Velvet Pouch.       click on the image to enlarge