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  Hello Stargazers! Welcome to Galileo Telescope Makers, also known as Galileo by our many fellow astronomers (we don't just sell telescopes, we use them). Galileo is a real storehouse, populated by real people, who are obsessed with helping you explore every corner of the universe and unlock its mystery.

We've been here past 15 years, so we're not going anywhere. You can count on us! Got a question? We've got the answer. Don't know the best telescope for your experience and budget? We'll give you some practical options. Together we can make astronomy fun and enjoy the mystery and wonder of the universe!

We’re specialists in telescopes and binoculars — it’s what we do year-round. We’re experienced, knowledgeable and, perhaps uncharacteristically in this day and age, available to serve you person-to-person. You can talk to us! Customer satisfaction is not just a cliché at Galileo; it’s a commitment....This is not Our claim; But Our Customers says…...

So before you buy a mass produced import telescope with spot checked optics, consider our product line. We have treasure of telescopes which can fit your wallet Making optics and telescopes is not only our job, it's our hobby too!



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