Galileo Telescope Makers began making telescopes for the Indian amateur astronomers in 1989. Since then it has been a pioneer and the only manufacturer making Dobsonian Telescopes in India. The first telescope that was made by us was an eight inch, a large one as the market in India goes. The telescope was an instant success because of many reasons.

It has an easy to use design, even a novice could use the it on the first instant under the stars. It is a very user friendly telescope. The price is right, without any compromise in optical quality. The design is such that it can easily be made portable. The telescope is very stable and has no vibrations which are inherent in a German Equatorial.

For a newly introduced mounting it was a great success. Galileo Telescope Makers has been associated with Amateur Astronomers Association of Delhi since long. We have guided them throughout the the making of a 13" and a 16" telescope- The largest telescope owned by any amateur in India.

From the beginning there was no advertisement done, all of our customers came to know of our products by word of mouth by existing satisfied users. The word spread because the telescope was seen more often under the stars rather than collecting dust in your house store. The company now offers a broad range of telescope and accessories for the serious amateur. Galileo telescope owners will tell you that they have a telescope manufacturer who provides quality telescopes at a reasonable price, that continually updated its products technically, and , above all, stood firmly behind every sale.

Quality and Value of its products is the basis of any successful company. Does each product offer good and fair value for the customers money? Does it perform well within the advertised specifications? If the product is by Galileo Telescope Makers we know that the answer is yes in both the cases. We look at our products, study them, use them, and regularly compare them with our competitors. When we say that the Dobsonians and other products from our company are the "Finest" we mean it, because we don’t say it unless we have personally tested all aspects of each unit that goes out to the customer.

Customer Service We offer an excellent product warranty, a warranty that gives our customers protection of their money and time invested in any of our products. When a customer calls in with a complaint, whether or not the product is under warranty, we ask ourselves a simple question: What is the fair thing to do? If the product has not been abused or mistreated, we routinely repair or replace a defective component, beyond stated warranty terms. Our aim is to have Galileo customers satisfied with the product they have purchased, and the company they have purchased it from.


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