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Optics and Kits        
Optics :        
Astronomical Primary Mirrors:        
The primary mirror is the most important component of any reflecting telescope. Our primary mirrors are made by experienced opticians and are guaranteed to meet the theoretical limits of the resolution for their aperture. They are ideal for home-built Newtonian or Dobsonian telescope projects. Each mirror is precision ground and polished from Float glass blanks. The figure of each mirror is tested to ensure it meets the specification before proceeding to aluminization. Aluminum coated to a minimum 89% reflectivity and then over coated with transparent silicon monoxide for a durable, lasting finish. Mirrors upto 10-inch diameter comes in standard f/ratio as mentioned. Larger size mirrors are made to order with customized f/ratio and thickness.       click on the image to enlarge
Dia 75mm Fl = 750mm 1950 100 1 lb  
Dia 100mm Fl = 1000mm 2950 100 2 lb  
Dia 125mm Fl = 1025mm 3950 100 2 lb  
Dia 150mm Fl = 1025mm 5950 200 4 lb  
Dia 200mm Fl = 1200mm 10950 200 6 lb  
Dia 250mm Fl = 1250mm 16950 300 10 lb  
Elliptical Flat Secondary Mirrors:        
Elliptical Flat Secondary Mirrors:
Precision polished and aluminized to a smooth, extremely flat surface. Over coated with silicon monoxide for a hard finish. Beveled edge. Size shown is minor axis.
      click on the image to enlarge
1.00" 1/6W 800 50 < 1 lb  
1.20" 1/6W 1200 50 < 1 lb  
1.52" 1/6W 1700 100 < 1 lb  
2.10" 1/6W 3200 150 2 lb  
2.60" 1/6W 4400 150 2 lb  
2.75" 1/6W 4900 150 2 lb  
3.10" 1/6W CALL 200 2 lb  
Achromatic Lens (Astronomical Objectives):        
Air Spaced , Multicoated: Finely matched 2 Element high quality Achromatic Objective Lens coated with AR-MG-F2 to reduce reflection and maximize light transmission      
Dia 60mm Fl 700mm 4000 150 2 lb  
Dia 82mm Fl 560mm 9000 150 2 lb  
Dia 82mm Fl 1000mm 8000 150 2 lb  
Dia 104mm Fl 1000mm 14000 150 3 lb  
Dia 120mm Fl 1000mm 22000 250 3 lb  
Dia 150mm Fl 1200mm 34000 250 5 lb  
Telescope making kit :        
A lot of folks shopping for their first telescope tell us that they have always had fascination for the stars. They have been wanting to get a telescope for a long time but a budget keeps them always haunted. If you share this fascination and are ready finally to spring for that telescope than consider the affordable but very capable option. Have fun with making one of your own. Get the optics made by one of the finest telescope house in India, "Galileo Telescope Makers" and build the scope of your dream with the materials easily available in the market. Kit includes high precision Primary Mirror, Diagonal mirror, Two Ramsden Eyepieces, a Barlow lens, new Rack and Pinion focuser for sharp focus and Of course a step by step guide to make the scope in "Home built Reflector Telescope". Kits available for 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm Telescopes.       click on the image to enlarge
Kits for 75mm, Telescopes 3500 200 4 lb  
Kits for 100mm Telescopes 4500 250 4 lb  
Kits for 125mm Telescopes 5500 250 4 lb  
Kits for 150mm Telescopes 8000 350 6 lb  
Kits for 200mm Telescopes 14000 550 10 lb  
Lens kit for View scope Telescope: 675 50 1 lb  
If you have ever dreamt of making a telescope as described in those school physics books, consider jumping in now. Make your first scope or help your kids to learn and enjoy working on a small project. Simple refracting telescopes just for day time terrestrial pursuits and even details on the moon. With the materials easily available in local hardware store it will not take more than 30 mins to make one and at the end you are sure to say "The darn thing really does work" Comes with optically worked Objective lens, Eyepiece and a star diagonal.       click on the image to enlarge
Plossl Eyepieces 1.25"        
You don't have to spend fortune for good quality oculars. Our Plossls are attractively priced for even limited budgets. Their 3 and 4 elements glass lens configuration provides a pleasing 52-degree and more apparent field of view, wider than that of many pricier eyepiece designs. The lenses are carefully ground and polished from quality optical glass to provide excellent image sharpness and brightness. They are fully coated with anti reflection material to maximize transmission of incoming light and improve image contrast. The anodized barrels are precisely machined and internally blackened to prevent stray light reflections. They are also threaded to accept standard filters. Whether you are looking to upgrade from lower quality eyepieces or just want some good reliable oculars at a reasonable price, you can't go wrong with our Plossls. We offer six different focal lengths from low power general purpose 40mm and 32mm to the high power 6.3mm. Get all five and you will be set for any observing challenge.       click on the image to enlarge
25mm, 20mm, 17mm, 10mm, 6.3mm (each) 2700 50 <1lb  
32mm, 40mm, 4mm (each) 3800 50 <1lb  
Achromatic Barlow Lens 1.25" 2x, 3x (each) 2700 50 <1lb  
Ramsden Eyepieces and Barlow lenses 300 50 <1lb  
Are you in need of a good quality eyepiece / Barlow? Do you want to upgrade the magnifying power of your telescope? We offer fine standard eyepieces and Barlow lens for your telescope. Our reasonable par-focalized eyepieces are manufactured with a 1.25"OD American Standard barrel diameter.
Ramsden Eyepieces are available in focal lengths of
38mm, 32mm,25mm, 16mm,12mm, and 9mm Rs.300 each.

One of the most useful and cost effective tools in an amateur astronomer accessory case is a good quality Barlow lens. It is a simple concave (negative) lens or doublet that increases the instrument's effective focal length boosting the magnifying power of any eyepieces. Using a 2x Barlow your 12mm eyepiece effectively becomes a 6mm eyepiece. Also increases eye relief. Here We  offers four variety of Barlow lenses in 1.25" OD are available with 2x, 3x, 4x and VARIABLE Power (1.5x = 2x = 2.5x = 3x ) Rs.300 each
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Mirror Making Kits
(Includes Blanks for Mirror& tool, 7 grades of Abrasives Polishing agents, step by step instruction guide book, and other materials)
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Kit for 100mm Mirror 900 200 6 lb  
Kit for 125mm Mirror 1200 200 6 lb  
Kit for 150mm Mirror 1500 250 10 lb  
Kit for 200mm Mirror 2900 350 12 lb  
Kit for 250mm Mirror 3900 350 16 lb  
Kit for 300mm Mirror CALL 550 26 lb  
Mirror Blanks
Made from Excellent quality Plate Glass
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Dia 75mm to 600mm, Thickness 12mm to 100mm CALL      
Shipping charges for Refractor / Reflector Telescope & OTA are by Courier / Post /  Ground service.  All other items either by Air Postal service or by Courier express.        


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